Betonline Sportsbook Review

Legal online football betting is possible for US residents. That is because several respected non-US countries and governments have created industry recognized online gambling jurisdictions. They license companies like BetOnline to offer football betting and other online wagering opportunities. BetOnline has been doing so for more than 23 years (as of the 2014 National Football League and NCAA men's football seasons). Legally licensed for US player support, the company delivers hands-down the best lifetime deposit bonus of any online sports betting site. And all you need to do is hit a famous 25 team BetOnline parlay once for a life-changing payday. Credit card football betting is also supported, so let's take a more in-depth look at what has made BetOnline an online US sportsbook industry leader for more than two decades.

BetOnline Rewards You For life ... Literally and Financially

In operation since 1991, the BetOnline company is older than many of its customers. And while a lot of virtual sportsbooks claim to care about you as an individual, BetOnline is willing to prove it. From your first deposit when you open up a football betting account, you receive a 25% matching bonus. In other words, deposit $100, and the company gives you an extra $25 to pad your bankroll. However, this is not uncommon. Internet sportsbooks exist in a very competitive industry, so most companies will reward you with deposit matching bonus money.

But BetOnline (and, a company they own) is the only legal US Internet sportsbook that pays you a 25% bonus on each and every deposit you make, for life. If no other single feature speaks to you about the dependability, legitimacy and financial ability of this company to pay your winnings and exist as an industry leader, this incredible bonus should.

Extra Bonuses You Receive from BetOnline

Honestly, the lifetime 25% bonus deposit match is enough by itself to make BetOnline a top USA online sportsbook. But the company will also deliver a $50 mobile betting football wager to all new account holders. If your bet is a loser, you are reimbursed up to $50. If you win, you keep any profits you make. Special weekly, annual and playoff bets are offered to NFL and NCAAF football bettors, and BetOnline additionally gives you a free $25 live betting in-game wager. This means that you can actually place a wager while a National Football League or National Collegiate Athletic Association football game is being played with this relatively new live betting option.

Legitimately Licensed For US Football Bettors

If you understand how important it is to find a legally licensed US sportsbook, you are smarter than the vast majority of football bettors. You avoid having your account frozen, and other frustrating possibilities, when you place your bets at a legitimately licensed sports betting site like BetOnline. Panama City, Panama runs one of the most transparent virtual sports and casino betting industries in the world. They have sanctioned BetOnline for Internet sports and casino betting and horse racing, and legal support for US football bettors is included. This licensing provided by the "banking capital of Latin America" speaks to BetOnline's legitimacy and reliability. The company's slogan is "Because You Can", and sports bettors living in or visiting the United States can now legitimately and legally place football bets online through this industry leader.

BetOnline Honors Visa, MasterCard and AMEX For Easy Credit Card Deposits

This popular legal online football destination for US players honors your choice of preferred credit card. All the major credit, prepaid and gift cards, like American Express, MasterCard and Visa, can be used to fund your account. Those companies protect you as an account holder, making this football wagering method very attractive. This is a convenience not delivered by most virtual sportsbooks. And as an alternative, you may use Western Union and Moneygram money transfer services for both deposits and withdrawals.

BetOnline - The Grandaddy of US-Friendly Online Football Betting Sites

Sometimes, being the oldest is a positive thing. With a significant presence in the Internet gaming community since 1991, BetOnline can claim granddaddy status in the cyber sports betting world. With an incredible 23 years of experience entering the 2014 NFL and NCAA college football seasons, the company knows how to keep you happy. Understanding the legal situation in the United States regarding US-owned sportsbooks, BetOnline has for more than two decades been providing a legitimate, licensed football betting option for players from the USA. In a day and time when Internet businesses are lucky to last for 3 to 5 years, BetOnline has diligently carved out a niche as a leading US football betting site, and owns the financial backing to continue as a top rated cyber sportsbook well into the future.

BetOnline Football Betting - Types of Wagers Offered

Sometimes a simple straight bet is all you need. Also referred to as spread betting, BetOnline supports this popular type of wager on football and many other sports. Another common bet is the total proposition. You believe that both NFL or NCAAF football teams in a particular contest will score over or under a pre-decided total number of points. You can also play the money line, a typical way of deciding a favorite in a football game which is optional to spread betting. BetOnline also offers teasers and pleasers football betting, allowing you to move the line up to 21 points in each game of your multi-team teaser.

Futures and props bets are also covered, and the BetOnline parlay odds are unmatched in the online sports betting industry. You can parlay up to 25 teams, receiving incredible 9,900 to 1 odds for your payoff when you win. (This means a simple 25 team NFL / NCAAF parlay at BetOnline for $20 would return $198,000 in profit.) You can also buy points, and place exotic "if bets" with single or double action, as well as wager "double if" reverses on college and pro football.

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