Bovada Sportsbook Review

Football bettors from the United States love Bovada for a handful of important reasons. Credit card sports betting is supported, the company is legally licensed for US residents, a fully functional mobile sports betting experience is offered, and the company has been in operation for more than 20 years. What the typical online sports bettor does not know is that the Bovada sportsbook makes it a point of regularly and frequently providing NFL and NCAA college football odds and lines that are better and more attractive than the Las Vegas line, which most Internet sportsbooks simply copycat. And you are given free bonus money just for opening an account. Let's take a look at those features which make Nevada the most heavily trafficked Internet sports betting site for USA football fans.

Bovada Gives You Legal Licensing Peace of Mind

If you remember April 15, 2011 (known as Black Friday in the online gambling community for poker players), then you understand how important it is to stick to those sites which offer legal online football betting for you as a US citizen. Millions of poker players in the United States saw their accounts frozen, and could not access hundreds of millions of dollars which was rightfully theirs. That is because the poker rooms they frequented ran afoul of the law here in the United States.

One of the biggest reasons for Bovada's success as an online football betting portal for U.S.A. sports bettors centers around licensing. The company carries a certificate of good standing from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Canada. That company has licensed Bovada for legal support of USA football online gamblers, and none other than the World Trade Organization (WTO) continually supports the rights of non-US companies to offer legal online gambling to those in the United States. Legitimate licensing for legal football betting is extremely important, and Bovada offers it.

You Can Use Your Credit Card to Bet Football Games at Bovada

Bovada is one of a handful of legitimately licensed football betting sites where you can use your preferred credit card to fund your online sports betting account. Like the 49ers -3 vs the Seahawks and want to tease that with the 42 point total? No problem. All you need to do is pull out your Visa, MasterCard or AMEX plastic and fund a betting account at Bovada. Not only is your money instantly available, but you also receive extra money for wagering added to your account just as a way of saying "thank you". Credit cards are extremely convenient and safe, online football betting is super convenient (and portable thanks to mobile access), and combining the two at a quality site like Bovada makes for a very attractive marriage for United States players.

Bovada New Players Bonus Offering

The better Internet sportsbooks appreciate your business. That is why they give you free bonus money when you open and fund an account, as a new client. Betting football at Bovada means a 50% free bet bonus, worth up to $250. A full 50% of your initial deposit is matched, and delivered to you as a "free bet". You can also earn up to $100 every time you refer someone to the site and they also open and fund an account. Betting football at Bovada also means you score bonus casino chips, and you have access to a horse racing book, all major and minor sports gambling opportunities, a web casino and poker room.

The Bovada Mobile Football Betting App Requires No Download

Bovada's mobile football betting software has been added to the coding of its online site. This means there is no lengthy, memory-hogging download required for your smartphone or tablet. And unlike some lesser sports betting sites, the Bovada mobile sportsbook offers all of the features that the standard PC site delivers. If you happen to be reading this review on your smartphone or tablet currently, you can immediately access the Bovada mobile sportsbook and open a new account.

Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows Phone operating systems are supported. And you can make deposits, enjoy the live betting in-game experience, access all props, futures, parlays, teasers and lines on all major sports including football, and do so quickly and dependably because of blazing fast software. This is a big bonus for United States football bettors that love the freedom of mobile sports betting.

From Bodog to Bovada, 20+ Years of Football Betting Experience

Bovada requires that you are at least 18 years of age or older (or of legal age to gamble in your jurisdiction) to bet football and other sports. This means that the website has been operating possibly longer than you have been breathing. Every year, dozens of online sportsbooks come and go. That is what makes Bovada so special. Aside from delivering an enjoyable and reliable sports betting operation which caters to US players, the company continues to not only survive, but thrive, with 20 years of online gambling experience as of 2014. In 1994, Bodog began offering Internet gambling options for US residents, and now does so under the name Bovada. You don't exist at the top of your industry like Bovada has for 20 years without doing a lot of things excellently.

Can I Tell You a Secret? Bovada's Lines Beat Las Vegas … Consistently

You are probably reading this because you are looking for the best legal online football betting sites on the web. But whether you place a Super Bowl futures wager or prefer NCAAF regular-season betting, football is not the only attractive proposition at Bovada. We always recommend holding accounts at multiple sportsbooks. That is so you can always get the most attractive line offered. Bovada definitely helps you out as a US football bettor in that regard. That is because the company has developed a reputation for beating the Las Vegas line. You can consistently find lines at Bovada that offer that all important extra 1/2 point, as well as teasers, parlays and prop bets that deliver better odds than the respected Las Vegas line, which most sportsbooks base their numbers off of. This feature alone makes the legally licensed Bovada a no-brainer football betting site.

Bovada Honors All Football Wagers - Teasers, Pleasers, Parlays, Totals, Side, Live and Money Line Betting

If you like to bet football games, you probably have one type of wager you prefer. There are savvy sports bettors that have carved out a very profitable niche placing props and futures bets on college football. Other seasoned football gamblers seem to be able to spot attractive money line opportunities in the NFL. Football parlays and round robins can deliver a huge amount of money for a small wager, teasers and pleasers move the line in opposite directions, and traditional side and totals bets are probably the most common. All of those football bets are offered by Bovada, and are available through both mobile and desktop user interfaces. And you can even contact Bovada's customer support team and propose a particular football wager that you do not see currently offered. Simply put, US sports bettors can legally access every type of football wager at Bovada, and get the best lines and odds consistently when they do so.

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