Betting on the Super Bowl Legally in the US

Since there are legitimate Internet sportsbooks that will take US action, Super Bowl betting in the United States does not have to mean dealing with your shady local bookie. There are a handful of established online bookmakers which have supported legal NFL betting for more than two decades, they have substantial financial backing, and are legally certified to deliver football betting options for residents of the USA. How big is betting on the Super Bowl in the United States? In that country alone, the 2014 Super Bowl XLVIII saw $1 billion wagered, just in Nevada. While there are plenty of sports bar and office pools, Super Bowl squares boards and illegal local bookies to take your bets, betting online with a legally licensed and seasoned sportsbook is the better alternative for a lot of reasons. You are going to get paid if you win, there are a wealth of Super Bowl prop bets and live in-game wagering possibilities, and you get competitive or even "better than Vegas" Super Bowl lines. Check out the legitimate online sportsbooks we recommend which rank as the best in the business, and get your Super Bowl futures bets in early to get the most favorable odds.

Top Super Bowl Betting Sites For USA Players

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Current Super Bowl Betting Odds

The current line on Super Bowl 50 has the Carolina Panthers -6 against Denver. I'm not sure what I'm going to bet on this year. I think you have to like the Panthers the way they've been playing all year long. But you also have to keep in mind that this is Cam's first superbowl appearance, and nerves could come into play. I think the under is a solid play with 2 of the best defenses in the league. Good luck which ever way you go.

Betting on the Super Bowl – Figuring The 10 Point Winner

Historically, the Super Bowl is not usually a very tight contest. The world tunes in for the great Superbowl commercials, halftime ceremony, the hours of pregame features and ... finally the game itself. Even non-football fans watch the Super Bowl every year, with the estimated legal and illegal total of wagers on the contest running into the tens of billions of dollars, just in the United States. One great Superbowl betting tip is to simply go with the team that you think is going to win. Whether they are laying or receiving points, the winning team usually covers the spread. That is because on Super Bowl Sunday, 70% of the time the victorious team wins by 10 or more points. And heading into the 2015 Super Bowl, bettors should remember this ... favorites have gone 33 - 15 straight up, but the over/under may as well be a coin flip, at 24 - 23 - 1.

Denver Broncos VS Carolina Panthers Prepare for Epic Battle in Super Bowl 50

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are set to face off in Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco California, Arizona, on February 7th, 2016. This is a scintillating matchup between two teams with elite defenses.

"Black Sunday" Awards Quick Super Bowl Bettors

Super Bowl XIII took place in 1979 in Miami, Florida. The Pittsburgh Steelers represented the AFC, with the defending Super Bowl champs from Dallas carrying the NFC flag. Though the Cowboys were the reigning champions of the NFL, the Steelers looked close to unbeatable that year. Pittsburgh opened up as a strong 4 1/2 point favorite with most bookmakers. A lot of savvy gamblers with experience betting on the NFL saw some serious value in Dallas, and early action pounded the Steelers line down down to 3 1/2 points. Why is this memorable? Even though Dallas did lose the game to Pittsburgh 35 - 31, the early Cowboy backers receiving 4 1/2 points were so prevalent that legal and illegal sportsbooks got absolutely destroyed by wise gamblers who saw that early value. To this day, Super Bowl XIII is known as "Black Sunday" for bookmakers online and off. Yes, 1979 was a long time ago. But since the Super Bowl is the last NFL bet of the season, remember this. Vegas sets the line to move. Be ready to make your play the second that the opening Super Bowl line is announced. If you like betting the favorite, you can usually wait for your number to get smaller. But if you like the underdog, the early number is usually the largest. There are of course exceptions from time to time, but this proves out more often than not.

Understanding Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

Super Bowl prop bets are extremely popular for a number of reasons. First off, this is the last NFL game of the year, and decides the champion of the league. Players know they are going to have to wait many agonizing months until the NFL kicks off its preseason action the next year. Also, you don't really have to know anything about the teams involved in the Super Bowl to place a prop bet. This is why even casual NFL fans bet on the Super Bowl. A prop bet is simply a proposition. It usually has nothing to do with choosing who will win the game. For instance, in the 2014 Denver - Seattle Super Bowl, you could have bet whether the Broncos Peyton Manning would throw more or less than 2.5 touchdowns in that game. An annual favorite prop wager is whether the pregame coin toss will land heads or tails. And in that Seattle - Denver Super Bowl, if you placed a prop bet that the first offensive play would be a safety, you scored some serious money. Peyton Manning was sacked on the first play of the game, and there were reports from bookmakers on and off-line that several lucky prop bettors had made that wager. That means a simple $10 bet returned $410.


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