Is It Legal To Bet On NFL Football Games In The USA?

$380 billion. That is how much the National Gambling Impact Study Commission says was legally and illegally wagered in 2012, just in the United States. Since gambling on NFL games is far and away the most popular sports betting pastime, a major chunk of that money is bet each week on National Football League contests. And in case you didn't know, you do not have to live in Nevada to enjoy legal online football betting. The feds in the United States have made it illegal for a USA company to offer online or off-line sports betting to US residents. That is thanks to sports betting laws such as the UIGEA and the Federal Wire Act legislation. But there are offshore companies and jurisdictions like Canada and the UK which have been legally providing sports betting options for years, and that includes accepting NFL action. As Las Vegas hotel sportsbook manager Jay Kornegay puts it, "Sportsbooks are like 7-11's in London." And while that is certainly not the case in the US, as long as you stick to a legally licensed non-US Internet sportsbook, you can bet on NFL games from anywhere in the United States. We have provided click-through access to the top legally certified USA NFL sportsbooks for your convenience.

Top USA Online Sportsbooks To Bet On NFL Football

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How To Bet On NFL Games As A USA Resident

If you are reading this, you probably know how to bet on sports, technically speaking. You understand point spreads, the money line, betting totals, playing prop and futures bets. But you might not know "how" to bet NFL games online in a legal manner as a US citizen. It really is quite easy. No US company can legally take your bets. But sportsbooks in the United Kingdom, Canada, Panama City, Panama and other locations have been legally licensed to honor US players that want to bet on NFL preseason, regular season and playoff games. You can even legally bet on the Super Bowl months in advance, by placing a futures bet. Which sites are reputable and dependable, as well as legally licensed? We have a short list of the top operators here on our website. They all are certified to support US NFL bettors, as well as other sports, and have developed reputations over the years as Internet sportsbooks with high levels of integrity and customer satisfaction. Log on, grab some free bonus money, and enjoy some online football betting, NFL style.

NFL Betting Tips - Do You Make These Common NFL Betting Mistakes?

Some people absolutely love to bet on their favorite team. Others will bet 10%, 25% or even 50% of their bankroll on a single NFL game. Some NFL bettors like to use the Martingale "double down on the next bet if you lose this one" method, there are those that love 10 team teasers, and still others believe when they have won an NFL wager, they are playing with "free money". All of these are common and unforgivable NFL betting mistakes. Once you win money, it is yours. Do not consider it "free money" that you can lose. Betting professionals never spend more than 1% or 2% of their entire bankroll on any single bet, and you should almost never double down on your next bet if you lose your current one. One bad weekend can ruin your entire season this way. And the reason why 10 team teasers offer such incredible paydays, if you hit them, is because you never will. Don't fall prey to these "rookie mistakes" when you bet on the NFL online. Do your research, look for spots where the Las Vegas line does not agree with your way of thinking, and bet sensibly.

Greatest Come From Behind Victories in NFL History

On December 7, 1980 and playing in their home stadium, the San Francisco 49ers found themselves trailing rival New Orleans by 28 points at the half, 35 - 7. All Joe Montana did in the second half was score on a one-yard run, toss a 71 yard bomb to Dwight Clark, add another one to Freddie Solomon from 14 yards, and lead his team to a 38 - 35 come-from-behind victory. But that 28 point deficit recovery was not the greatest in NFL history. The San Diego Chargers likewise thought they had a win in the books when they were leading the Peyton Manning-led Denver Broncos 24 - 0 at halftime in a 2012 game. Then the five-time MVP completed all but one pass (which was a drop) in the second half, and tossed 3 touchdowns to help beat the Chargers 35 - 24. Those were some serious comebacks, and any NFL betting fan could've made some big money laying the right in-game wager.

But the biggest comeback in NFL history occurred on January 3, 1993. This was an AFC playoff contest, and if you watched it, you witnessed what is easily one of the most amazing comebacks in any sport, at any level, ever. Buffalo did not even have its starting quarterback. Frank (who?) Reich was filling in for future Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, and the Bills trailed Houston 35 - 3 in the third quarter. Oh yeah, the Bills also lost perennial All-Pro running back Thurman Thomas to injury in that game. It appeared that the rout was on. But Reich hooked up with wide receiver Andre Reed for 3 scores in the second half, a few turnovers helped, things started going Buffalo's way, and the Bills tied Houston 35 - 35 at the end of four quarters. A Steve Christie field goal for the comeback kids gave Buffalo a 32 point come-from-behind victory, which still stands as a record today.

Top Superbowl Contenders For 2016/2017 Season

The 2016 NFL season is quickly approaching, and we're looking at a new and exciting landscape compared to last year. While it is true that things change every single year in the NFL, this year especially we're seeing some huge differences. Peyton Manning has officially retired, the PAT is officially back at the forever-and-a-day yard line, Tom Brady's going to be serving the four-game suspension he was supposed to be serving last season, and there are even microchips in the footballs this season to gauge the PSI (air pressure) of the footballs. This is a very exciting time to be a sports better, as the NFL field is really wide open. Manning's retirement and the Broncos losing a lot of defensive talent, coupled with Brady's suspension, means that Denver and New England will likely not face off in the AFC Championship. Then, in the NFC, you have the Packers back to full strength with a slim and trim terror of a running back, and a Seattle defense that's reloaded and will likely knock the Arizona Cardinals back to a wild card berth. Let's have a closer look at who's favored to win the Super Bowl this season upcoming.

New England Patriots

As mentioned previously, the Patriots are losing Brady for the first four games, which means back-up QB Jimmy Garoppolo will be taking the reigns. Though this isn't the automatic death sentence that many may think, and the reason is that the Pats still have Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, and LeGarrette Blount at full strength. New England plays its first four games at Arizona, and then at home against Miami, Houston and Buffalo, so the odds suggest that the Pats will get through without Tom Brady with a record of 3-1, still leaving them looking very dominant for the rest of the season. The schedule doesn't really get any tougher from there. Other than Denver, Pittsburgh, Seattle and Cincinnati, the Pats don't have to face off against any other team that was even in the playoffs last season. Their schedule is mostly full of their own weak division, Cleveland, Baltimore, and some NFC West teams. This is why the Pats are going off at around +750, the odds-on favorites to win Super Bowl 51.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The only team in the AFC that oddsmakers have legitimately standing in New England's way would be the Pittsburgh Steelers. With Ben Roethlisberger, DeAngelo Williams, Antonio Brown and Markus Wheaton on the offensive side of the ball, the Steelers can score points with any team in the league. Not to even mention that they have a stout defense. And while not the Steel Curtain of the '70s, their front 7, led by James Harrison at the LB position, is a force to be reckoned with. Very likely is the case that Pittsburgh emerges from their division a lot more battle tested than New England or any other AFC team outside of the AFC North. With the Bengals and the Ravens both in division, not to mention a Browns team with more talent in RGIII this season, whichever team comes out on top there will likely be ready to blaze a trail to the AFC Championship. This puts the Steelers at +1000 to win, a little behind New England but well in front of most other teams.

Seattle Seahawks

At +900, the Seahawks are right behind New England in terms of teams oddsmakers feel have the best shot to win Super Bowl 51. And there are quite a few reasons for this. For starters, the new-look big-gun offense under Pete Carroll has had a full year to get used to things. This means Russell Wilson will be a lot more comfortable in his passing attack with Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse and Jimmy Graham. Though their defense is also re-tooled and looking every bit as strong as the year they won the Super Bowl. They still have the core in place, with Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor, but they have also picked up newer and hungrier talent. Many expect Seattle to have the best defense in the NFL this season, and with an offense that should easily be top-10, it's looking like their conference to lose.

Green Bay Packers

To call a match-up between two teams a rivalry implies that both teams win and give each other fits. Other than a game last year, the Seahawks have been owning Green Bay. But don't let the Packers hear you say that this isn't a heated rivalry. The Packers are back to full strength this season, and they have a thing or two to say about crowning Seattle as champions right out of the gate. At +1100, the Packers aren't exactly inspiring a whole lot of confidence on paper, but most would agree that it boils down to how well they do in the NFC during the regular season. For instance, if a healthy Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson can get the Packers a 1 or 2 seed, and the games in the playoffs go through Lambeau Field, then you're looking at a Green Bay team that should have no problem punching its ticket to the NFC Championship. Provided the offense can stay healthy, the Packers are actually dealing with a much improved defense this season and should be able to run away with the NFC North over Minnesota and Chicago. This puts the Pack in the driver's seat.

Learn how to bet on the superbowl game legally.


NFL Official Website: This is really a great resource for players. They offer everything a player needs to make informed decisions on what teams to bet on such as player stats, injury updates, team schedules, commentary and so much more. So if you plan on betting on NFL games this season, you really should bookmark this site.

The Ultimate Guide To Betting On NFL Games Legally For USA Players - This particular website is one of the few genuine resources I have found online that offers up to date and correct information about NFL betting. Like we mentioned on our homepage, there is a lot of misinformation about the laws that come into play when betting on sports in the United States. So aside from our own website here, the previous link is one we recommend everyone visits to gain a true understanding on the laws.

National Gambling Impact Study Commission Act - This is a great read for anyone interested in learning how gambling impacts areas of social and the economy.

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